How Much Are Your Coins Worth?

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When it comes to amassing a collection, many people opt to invest their time and efforts into collecting valuable coins. Coins often demand interest from collectors not only because they are inherently valuable, but because they have historic significance as well.

Investing in coins can be a great way to amass wealth, but only if your coins remain valuable over time. Having your coin collection appraised is important when it comes to determining which coins are increasing in value and which coins you might want to consider replacing. Here are three tips that you can use to make your next coin appraisal more profitable.

1. Take the time to research your coins.

It's important that you have a broad understanding of each coin in your collection prior to taking these coins in for an appraisal. When you know the rarity and backstory for each coin that you have carefully collected throughout the years, you can use this information to develop a rough estimate of the coin's value in your mind.

Having this rough estimate that is based on historical significance and market demand will allow you to recognize when an appraiser's estimation of the coin's value might be off. You can then request that a more in-depth appraisal be conducted to gain access to the coin's true value.

2. Separate your coins prior to appraisal.

If you want to improve the efficiency of your next appraisal, it can be beneficial to pre-sort your coins prior to visiting a coin dealer. Look over each coin in your collection and make two piles- one for the coins that have visual appeal and no visible signs of damage and another for the coins in less-than-perfect condition.

By creating two categories of coins within your collection, the appraiser will be able to focus his or her time on evaluating the value of the coins that are in better condition.

3. Have your coins authenticated.

Sending your rare coins into a third-party grading company will allow you to authenticate these coins prior to appraisal. The documentation that you receive indicating that your coin is genuine can be used by the appraiser to determine the final value of the coin.

Without authentication, your coins may not be as valuable as they could be. Be sure to invest in authentication for your coins if you want to receive the highest appraisal possible.

Having your coin collection evaluated by a dealer, such as American Precious Metals Inc, can be a great way to determine the value of your collection. Be sure that you are prepared for the appraisal process by researching your coins, separating good coins from average ones, and having rare coins authenticated.


20 October 2017

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