Planning A Child's Birthday Slumber Party With A Movie Theme

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Does your young child beg you to have him or her a birthday party? If you want to grant your child his or her wish, it is wise to begin planning for the celebration in advance. Coming up with a specific theme for the celebration is the first plan that should be made. You will then know how to go about putting the event together and set a budget for obtaining decorations, food, drinks, and everything else that is needed. The suggestions in this article targets planning a birthday party for a young child that has a movie theme.

Plan a Slumber Party Spent Watching Movies

Great entertainment for your young child is to surprise him or her with a slumber party. Keep the movie theme by renting a few videos for the children to watch. If your budget allows it, try to purchase a projector to show the movies on a large screen or wall. You might even be able to rent a projector if there are such businesses in your area that offers the service. You might also be able to find a used projector at an affordable price by shopping via online auction websites.

Purchase a Popcorn Machine to Treat the Kids

Every movie night should involve enjoying popcorn to make it feel more authentic. Plan to purchase a machine that is designed for making popcorn. The machines are available in numerous sizes, so you should be able to find one that can make enough popcorn for all of the children at the slumber party. A popcorn machine is also a great way to add to the decor of your kitchen or family room. Don't forget to purchase popcorn and butter for the machine so it will be ready to use on the day of the party.

Have a Counter in Place for Distributing Candy

Setting up a candy counter in the room where the children will be watching movies is a unique idea. If you have a console table, it will make a good candy counter for the party. However, any type of table will work for the task. Purchase a variety of candy types to place on the counter that the children can obtain while they are watching movies. Try to purchase the candy in boxes as they are sold in the move theaters, even if you opt for miniature boxes. You can also use the candy counter as an areas where the kids can obtain drinks when they are thirsty.


2 November 2017

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