Four Lovely Shadow Box Ideas For Your Living Room

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If you're looking for a way to add more character to your living room, shadow boxes might be the perfect thing. They stick out from your wall and hold little decorations. Guests will enjoy admiring the small items inside of them, and the complexity of a shadow box as a whole add some "texture" to the room. But what should you put in your shadow boxes? Here are a few wonderful ideas:

Vacation Seashells

Have you ever taken a trip to the beach and picked up a few seashells? If you're like most people, those seashells are languishing away in a drawer somewhere rather than getting the attention they deserve. Pull them out of the closet, and set them in your shadow boxes. Include a small shot glass filled with sand, and perhaps a sand dollar or two. If you bought any other small souvenirs on your beach vacation, like a keychain or a figurine, you could include these in the shadow box, too.

Miniature Room Display

This one is really fun if you have a lot of kids visit your home. They'll love admiring a scene that looks like a tiny, shrunken living room. Shop for small pieces of furniture, plants, and other accessories that are meant for doll houses, and set them up inside a larger shadow box. Bonus points if you can manage a design that looks just like the layout of your actual living room.

Christmas Scene

Do you wish every day was Christmas? Inside your shadow box, it can be! Set up a little Christmas tree with holiday lights on it. (You can find battery powered ones in most toy stores and holiday shops.) Wrap up a few tiny boxes in wrapping paper, and tie them with ribbon. Set them under your tree. You can even include some extras like a miniature Santa Claus or elf.

Baby Shadow Box

If you have a son or daughter, consider designing a shadow box that is a memorial of their baby years. Fill the box with their first pair of shoes, a copy of their baby picture, the hat they wore home from the hospital, and so forth. You can even paint their name onto the top of the shadow box. Visitors will love reminiscing about the days when their kids were little as they view the box.

With these shadow box ideas in your back pocket, your living room will be stunning. Contact a company like Hoosier Highlander for more information and assistance. 


3 November 2017

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