Three Ways To Save Money Online And How To Stack Your Savings

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Extreme couponing seems to have faded away almost as quickly as it arose. Perhaps that is because there is an endless supply of online rebate and coupon sites. Maybe it is also because of the shared coupon sites, or the numerous coupons offered by stores inside their own apps. If you love to save money while you shop online, here are three ways you can save more and how to stack your savings:

Sign up to Receive One-Time Discounts for Signing Up

Every retailer and restaurant offers a discount or something for free when you sign up for their website. Yes, you will undoubtedly end up with lots more email in your inbox, but if you use a particular site for lots of purchases, you probably do not mind anyway. If you only order one item for a family member for Christmas, save the sign-up discount for when you are ready to place that gift order.

Go Through the App

Every store that has an app has tons of daily and weekly coupons inside it. People who have the app and enable the text message options in the app frequently receive surprise coupons and discounts too. Yes, you may have to contend with lots more messages, but you can also control how many you receive and from which stores. Right now, as you approach the holiday season, there are going to be a lot of 40%, 50%, and higher percentage-off coupons flooding your text message box, but it is worth it.

Shop the Stores with the Best Loyalty Programs

There are stores and restaurants out there with some really amazing loyalty programs. If you remember to use your loyalty number or tag, you can rack up loyalty points and dollars to use later. These same stores and restaurants then allow you to stack up your points, dollars, and sometimes, up to four or more coupons on the same order. (Gee, maybe extreme couponing is not dead after all.)

How to Stack the Savings

Okay, so you have all of the above information in hand, right? Here is what you do. Log into an account you create through the store app. Make enough purchases to earn an extra discount or loyalty bonus. Stack the loyalty bonus on top of the one-time sign-up bonus. Then stack any and all other coupons that apply to this purchase, and make sure you make the purchase for items that are already on sale. Use in-app coupons as well. Your $50 item (for example) just became $12. Woo-hoo! Good for you!

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3 November 2017

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