Fire Pits With Pizazz: These Are Not Burning Drum Barrels!

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Fire pits often consist of old drum barrels or holes in the ground framed by paving stones to prevent crackling wood from burning you. While these fire pits are quite utilitarian (i.e., they function and work fine as fire pits), they really are not all that attractive. If you are looking for something more attractive in which to light a fire and invite guests over for conversation around said fire, consider the following fire pit options.

Abstract Geometric Fire Pits

These are fire pits that are constructed of strange angular forms and made from brushed carbon steel. They definitely create a unique focal point around which everyone can sit and enjoy the glow of the fire. Many of these have a copper or brushed nickel patina finish, both of which shine brightly and reflect the flames quite nicely in the dark.

Round Fire Pits with Geometric Screens

Many of these little geometric fire pits are round in nature. They have handled covers that you can lift up so that you can toss another log on the fire. The screens all the way around the pits are laser cut or die cut with geometric shapes. This is an especially nice touch when the fire is going full force because the light cast through these cut shapes dances around the fire like a glowing menagerie.

Rectangular Brick Fire Pits

The Vikings used rectangular fire pits indoors to heat their homes. These brick fire pits look very similar to those ancient Viking fires, except that now you assemble these outside. The length of these pits allows close to a dozen or so people to sit about get warm and cozy, and have a relaxing conversation. If you want something a little smaller, it is possible to cut the size in half.

If it gets too hot for someone on one end, you simply allow the wood to burn down a bit to let that end of the pit get cooler. If someone wants their spot hotter, you throw another log on the fire on that end. The interior pit is rectangular, too, and the bricks absorb a lot of the heat, acting as a radiator and throwing off the heat long after the fire has diminished. This is an above-ground fire pit, with the bricks rising to about three feet above ground, so make sure your city or township allows an above-ground fire pit.


5 November 2017

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