Features To Consider For Your New Weight Belt

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If you've been thinking about investing in weight belts, you may wonder what kinds of options you have. There are many varieties of weight belts out there, and there are a lot of different features that you might want to consider. Before you invest in anything, here are some of the different things you should think about as you're shopping for weight belts for your needs.

Treated Or Not?

An untreated weight belt is raw leather with absolutely no treatments or finishes whatsoever. They're cut, split, and assembled. These are usually the most basic and affordable of the weight belt options on the market.

Treated belts, on the other hand, are protected by an oil mixture, usually with mineral oil. The untreated leather is soaked in the oil mixture to help soften it, protect it, and darken the finish. Most buyers prefer treated belts because of the effect of the oil.

Decorative Stitching

Some weight belts are sold with decorative stitching, either with colored or white thread. You can pick whatever stitching design you want, as most either provide custom decorative stitching or pre-determined designs. Stitching is also used as a means of keeping the belt itself together.

In many cases, you'll also have your option of the stitch color that you want used. You can usually choose from any of the primary colors, white, or black. You can often have a pattern stitched on the belt with a variety of colors, too.

Single Or Double-Sided

You can also choose whether you want a single-sided belt or a double-sided belt. A double-sided belt features a suede covering on both sides of the belt, while a single-sided belt will have suede only on the outward-facing side. You can choose a variety of finishes, including the decorative stitching on your belt. Double-sided belts are ideal when you're worried about covering up any flaws in the leather beneath the suede cover.

With Or Without Edging

Although most weight belts come with edging as a standard finish, there are some weight belt options that aren't edged. You can decide whether you prefer your weight belt with or without edging based on how you prefer it to look.

Powder-Coated Hardware

The hardware on most weight belts is made with nickel plating. While this is standard and is fairly attractive, you also have the option of having all of the hardware, including the buckles, powder-coated in a black or colored finish. One of the best things about powder coating is that it's durable, resists chipping, and doesn't fade.

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16 April 2018

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