3 Types Of Flooring To Consider In Your Commercial Building

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If you just purchased a commercial building and it needs a little updating, then one of the first things you should consider doing is getting some new flooring. But, because it's a commercial space, you want to make sure that you choose flooring that's really durable so that it doesn't get too much wear and tear. This article will list three different flooring types for you to consider if you have your own commercial building. Let's take a closer look. 


One of the most common and affordable types of flooring for you to consider for your commercial building is carpet. When you have carpet, that's commercial grade it's usually a lower pile carpet that takes more foot traffic. When you call a commercial carpet installation company, they will be able to come out to your building, take the measurements for you, and then show you commercial carpet samples for you to choose from. 

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are similar to regular carpet but instead of being in a long roll, they come in small sheets or tile that you can put together like a puzzle. The great thing about carpet tiles and what makes them so appealing for commercial areas is that if one of the tiles gets a stain on it, you can take it up and replace it without having to replace all of the flooring. 

Linoleum Wood Floor

It used to be that the only kind of linoleum that there was looked like the old kind they would use in schoolhouses, but linoleum has come a long way and they now have linoleum flooring that even looks like wood. One of the great things about linoleum hardwood flooring is that it looks sophisticated and put together but it doesn't have the hefty price tag of regular hardwood flooring. Plus, you should be able to clean it up really easily if something spills on it. If your commercial building is known for having any sort of water leaks then make sure that you get vinyl wood flooring that has a water-resistant pad underneath it. 

Having a commercial building is a great investment for you and your financial future. One of the keys to running a successful commercial building is having it nice enough to be able to charge a higher rent. Use the tips listed in this article to help spruce up your commercial property so that it looks like new. Contact a company like Carpet Discount Warehouse to learn more.


3 October 2018

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