Thinking About Buying Some Katanas? Consider Some Options For Displaying Them

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If you're a martial arts enthusiast, a ninja movie aficionado, or someone who has frequently visited Japan and enjoys incorporating this nation's items into your home decor, you might be looking at local katanas for sale. These special swords are available from many online retailers, as well as specialty weapons shops in many communities. There are plenty of types of katanas to think about buying, but you should give some thought to how you'll display these swords before you proceed with your purchases. Here are some options for you to evaluate. 

Katanakake Stand

If you want to give your new katanas a truly authentic method of display, the best option is to buy a katanakake — which is probably available from wherever you're buying your swords. This is a traditional display method that holds multiple katanas horizontally on a stand. The stand can be made of many different materials, but you'll commonly find stands that use wood and metal. They can also be basic or intricate, so you'll have lots of choices to find one that suits the look of your home and even the appearance of your swords. If you have a buffet unit or table, these are ideal locations to set up the katanakake.

Enclosed Box

While you keep your katanas in their scabbards when you use a katanakake, you might prefer to have the swords displayed in more of a secure manner. Another option to consider is an enclosed box with glass or clear plastic sides. This type of storage solution also displays your swords horizontally on a stand but has a protective, clear box around it so that people cannot grab the swords. This method of storage may appeal to you if you have children who might frequently be tempted to touch your katanas. It's also possible to buy locking boxes to further secure the swords.

Wall Rack

If you're planning to buy a significant number of katanas, you might want to consider buying a wall rack. Wall racks designed to hold these swords come in several styles and with different capacities, so you shouldn't have trouble buying a rack even if you want to buy a lot of swords. The swords will be accessible with this type of storage, which might be appealing to you. If you have children, you can easily mount the rack high enough on the wall where they cannot reach it. 


28 November 2018

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