3 Ways You Can Reduce Arthritis Pain Naturally

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Many people with arthritis are on the hunt for natural ways to reduce pain, either to be used alone or in combination with prescription treatments. Fortunately, there are several natural ways to help manage pain.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Adopting an anti-inflammatory diet is one way to reduce arthritis pain. As a general rule, you should eliminate all processed foods. Incorporate more fatty fish into your diet, such as by including salmon in a couple of meals each week or eating a can of sardines for a snack. Colorful fruits and vegetables also have anti-inflammatory benefits. When eating carbohydrates, eat more whole grains. Flax and chia seeds are a good source of fiber and healthy fats, and they can be added into smoothies. Try mixing your choice of seeds with berries either in a smoothie or on oatmeal to boost their anti-inflammatory benefits. A handful of nuts is another good source of healthy fats, just be mindful of your portions since the calories can add up quickly.

Try CBD Oil

CBD products are ideal for arthritic pain because they reduce inflammation and pain. When choosing a CBD oil, such as Apex Hemp Oil, make sure you are selecting one that is full-spectrum because these contain various CBDs and terpenes, each with their own unique benefits. Try combining CBD oil with another CBD product. For example, you might try pills at regular intervals throughout the day if you deal with chronic arthritis pain, and add CBD oil in between. This way, you can have a steady stream of CBD in your bloodstream for continuous pain relief. Depending on the frequency of your arthritis pain, you should select an oil with the highest concentration of CBD, such as 3000-4000mg per bottle. Lower concentrations may be fine for the occasional flare-up of a single joint.

Incorporate Supplements

There are numerous supplements that help with arthritis pain. Ginger, turmeric, and capsaicin are easier to consume in supplement form, but they can also be incorporated into your food. Cat's claw is known to be helpful because it has similar benefits to taking non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs. Another anti-inflammatory herb is thunder god vine, which is typically found in varying concentrations, such as 20:1 or 5:1. If you choose to take any anti-inflammatory supplement, be sure to avoid medications that perform a similar function, such as steroids or anti-inflammatory pain medicines, otherwise you increase your risk of gastrointestinal bleeding.

Although you cannot cure arthritis naturally, there are ways you can reduce pain. Changing your diet and trying alternative approaches to reduce pain can make coping with arthritis easier.


28 March 2019

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