Tips For Buying The Best Plants For Your New Wagon Wheel Planter Display

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Wagon wheel planter displays are currently on-trend, for residential landscaping. They offer both a reminder of the past and a great place to plant cacti or flowering plants. If you love the look of wagon wheel planter displays, but aren't sure what the best plants to plant it are, then consider these options:

Tip: Make Sure the Plants Match the Scale of the Planter

Wagon wheel planter displays come in a variety of different sizes, from small ones to sit on a patio to lifesize wagon wheel models. In addition, some have one larger planter at the bottom, while the others have smaller planters shaped like water buckets that are positioned all around the wheel. Whether you choose to buy cacti or flowering plants for your new planter(s), it's important the plants match the wheel's scale. For example, a small planter is ideal, for cacti or other small flowering plants such as pansies or marigolds. Larger planters are appropriate, for bigger plants such as fuchsia or daisies.

Tip: Stick to Either Cacti or Green Plants

Since cacti and green plants have very different care and watering needs, it's always best to avoid planting them in the same planter. In addition, most people think of cacti as fitting into a desert landscaping, so a planter full of cacti sitting in the middle of your English country garden will look really out of place. In this case, using green plants would be a much better option. The converse is also true: if you have a zero-scape design with mostly rocks and pampas grass, then putting in a planter with flowering green plants in it is likely to look out of place. In this case, you should stick to cacti for the planter. For a bit of color pop, choose flowering varieties of cacti or succulents.

Tip: Choose Plants that Flower for a Long Time

If you decide to plant flowering plants in your new wagon wheel planter display, choose plants that will flower all summer long. For example, if you plant iris or daffodils in the planter, then they will look great for about two weeks each spring, when these plants flower. The rest of the time, the planter will look bare or will look like it's dying back. If you plant something like geraniums or roses that bloom all summer, then your new planter will be a focal point for your yard all summer long.

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10 July 2019

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