3 Tips for Finding a Motivational Jersey to Support Your Friend's Marathon Training

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When your best friend makes her mind up to do something, you know that she is going to make it happen. While she may have a can-do spirit, it is also common for people to hit a wall during training for a marathon that makes it harder to get up and get started. A motivational jersey can be a way for you to show your friend support. She can wear the jersey during her training to remind herself of the inner strength that she can indirectly use to help other people. As you get ready to buy her gift, you can use these tips to find a purpose motivational jersey that she'll look forward to wearing.

Scope Out Her Size

If you don't know your friend's shirt size, there are a few ways to find out. For instance, you could take a peek at her jacket or sweater tag when she's not paying attention. You could also ask her size while having a conversation about something that seems unrelated such as mentioning that she's about the same size as your sister-in-law. If you still can't figure it out, opt for a shirt that is slightly larger than what you think she'll wear since workout gear is always better when it is a little loose.

Pick Her Favorite Color

Your friend is more likely to wear her motivational jersey when it is in a flattering color. Not only will choosing a shirt in a bold or unique color help your friend get pumped up for her workouts, but it will also make it easier to spot her in a crowd. If your friend prefers neutral shades, then that is okay as well. The idea is to pick a jersey that fits in with the rest of her style.

Find an Uplifting Slogan

Your best friend may have a strong spirit, but it can always be strengthened when she sees the perfect message to hit her in the heart right when she needs it the most. Look for clothing with a slogan such as a "We Rise" motivational jersey that reminds your best friend of why she's working so hard. Catching a glimpse of the slogan in the mirror before her training or in a photo will give her that extra momentum that she needs to remember that her hard work is meant to help elevate others. Remembering that reaching her goals helps others reach theirs just makes running a marathon that much sweeter.


28 October 2019

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