3 Fun Ways To Enjoy Your Star Trek Collectible Pins

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If you're like most collectors, you like to keep your Star Trek collectible pins in a safe place so they won't get damaged in any way. But what's the fun in knowing that you have such cool pins if you can't do more than just look at them once in a while? Here are a few fun ways you can enjoy your Star Trek pins in the coming years:

Plan a Theme Party

Celebrate your collectible pins by planning a Star Trek theme party to enjoy with your friends and loved ones. Hang a bunch of Star Trek posters on the wall, play the movies on your big-screen television, and order a themed cake to serve. Ask everyone to bring along a Star Trek-themed appetizer to share — things that might come out of the replicator on board the Enterprise.

Ask everyone to dress up as their favorite characters. Challenge everyone to a fun trivia game during the party. And most importantly, frame your Star Trek pins and display them prominently in the center of the room so they can be admired by all of your party guests. The pins will give your guests something to talk to so breaking the ice is easy and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Identify Friends or Family

Another fun way to use your pins once in a while is to use them as identity badges. When you and your family members or some of your friends go to a concert or attend a community function, you can have each person in your party wear one of your pins on their chests.

If someone gets separated, they can keep an eye out for the pins when they're looking through the sea of people to quickly identify someone from your party and get connected again. The pins will help you find your kids when they are in a large group of other kids when on field trips or spending time in the park.

Do a Photo Shoot

You can use your Star Trek pins to create decorations for a themed room in your home or to give away as gifts. Prepare a backdrop by hanging a dark sheet on a wall and laying a dark sheet on the floor or a table in front of the wall. Display the pins along with some action figures or a replica of one of the spaceships that are featured throughout the series on the table. Turn all the lights in the room on and then start taking photos!

Have the photographs developed, then frame them and hang them up or store them in a safe place until you're ready to give them away. You might even be able to make a little money by selling your framed photos to Star Trek fans online!


23 April 2020

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