Three Birdhouse Designs That May Appeal To You

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Buying a birdhouse and installing it in your yard can provide countless hours of enjoyment as you watch the birds come and go. One thing that you'll quickly realize when you begin to shop for a birdhouse online is that retailers offer a wide range of designs, which means that you should be able to easily find something that appeals to you. Regardless of the specific look that appeals to you, you can browse the available choices until you find a product that will work well in your yard. Here are three common birdhouse designs that you may find appealing.

Log Cabin

One type of birdhouse that you'll often find available for sale is a structure that resembles a log cabin. If you're looking for a product that has a rustic appearance, this design may appeal to you. This type of birdhouse will often have a variety of small details that will catch your eye. For example, there might be a small chimney on the side of the structure as well as a front porch. These details are irrelevant to the birds that will eventually inhabit the house, but they add to the visual charm of the birdhouse and can bring a smile to your face.

Built-In Planter

If you love flowers as much as you love birds, you may wish to shop for a birdhouse that features a built-in planter. There are many different designs that include not only the birdhouse itself but also one or more designated areas in which you can plant flowers. For example, some birdhouses are elevated on a pole with a barrel-style birdhouse situated at the base of the pole. This design might especially be appealing if you have a small yard, as you'll be able to enjoy the look of flowers without building a large garden.


A traditional outhouse is a structure that has a recognizable appearance, and this is another design that you'll often find in a birdhouse. This type of birdhouse is tall and thin, much like an outhouse, and the hole through which the birds enter and exit looks like a window in the outhouse door. Some birdhouses with this design have a hinged door, which is handy because this will allow you to clean out the house at the end of the season in anticipation of new birds arriving in the spring. You can find these designs and other options when you look for birdhouses for sale online.


10 July 2020

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