A Shopping Guide for a Witchcraft Starter Pack

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Witchcraft has been around for centuries now and as new generations discover witchcraft, the art and excitement in the world of witchcraft will only grow. If you are just getting into witchcraft, then you will need to know what items to get and how to properly use them. Follow this shopping guide to learn more. 


The best way to get started in the world of witchcraft is with a dedicated book. Going online for information on witchcraft can be overwhelming because you'll find a lot of misinformation that could lead you into too many different directions. As you expand on your witchcraft hobby, an essential book will help pave the way and teach you step by step.

Beginner books focus on specific categories so you can learn and grow from the ground up and build your knowledge. For example, you could purchase a beginner's book on candle magic. Learn everything you need to know about candle magic before moving onto a different category like tarot cards.

Tarot Cards

One of the main witchcraft supplies associated with the hobby is tarot cards. Tarot cards come with many themes and artistic designs, but you want to find a basic deck to start with so you can learn the symbols and easily navigate the deck while you go through the learning process. After you've mastered the deck, you can upgrade to new designs and unique features.

Some tarot card decks will come with complete guide books to teach you about the card's meanings and ways to use the cards when telling fortunes. The guide is essential for beginners so you can dive deep into the meaning for each card and learn about the relationship between other tarot cards.


Herbal drinks, remedies, and scents are a big part of witchcraft. Along with recipe books, you can shop for a wide selection of herbal witchcraft supplies online. Building up on herbs will give you a lot to experiment with and work with. For example, you may seek out herbal teas to drink, so you should figure out the ideal flavors and their healing properties. A lot of your training through witchcraft begins with experimentation and testing out the herbs that match your needs.


Gemstones are another essential part of the witchcraft world. As a beginner, you may seek out healing crystals, gemstone crystal balls, or jewelry to wear. You can learn about the different stones and make the selections that speak to you. Start a gemstone collection with your favorite designs and then build off from there.

After you place your first order, you will learn to master the items and then return for future orders to expand your witchcraft knowledge. Learn more by contacting companies that sell witchcraft supplies.


12 October 2020

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