Create A Set Of Nesting Doll Family Members For Your Child To Play With

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Russian nesting dolls are fun for youngsters to play with and are portable due to their stacking capabilities. One fun way to keep your child's grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings at the forefront of your loved one's mind is by hand painting a set of blank wooden dolls and using some stenciled letters to assign a title to each doll.

The Quality Of The Dolls

Shop for a soft or hardwood nesting doll variety that is blemish-free and sanded. Classic nesting dolls will feature a rounded shape that is tapered. The narrowest part of each wooden doll will be adequate for the addition of a painted face or head. The widest part of each wooden doll will be adequate for the addition of a painted body, clothing, shoes, and accessories.

A quality set of nesting dolls will feature many dolls that each contain two pieces that can easily be detached and reattached. A groove that runs along the inside of each piece that needs to be adjoined to another piece will help keep each doll intact while the series of dolls are displayed separately or stacked inside of one another. 

The Paint And The Stencils

A gloss, semi-gloss, or matte paint product can be used to transform each nesting doll into a familiar character. Paint pens are another type of art product that can be used in place of standard paint. A paint pen will help you draw precise outlines on the exterior of each wooden doll.

Consider the size of each nesting doll that you will be purchasing. Buy a stencil set that contains letters that will fit on each doll. The stenciled letters can be used to add titles to the dolls. Names that your child vocalizes when referring to their family members should be used. 

Paint a relative's face and body along one side of each doll and paint the back of a relative's head and body along the opposite side of each doll. Apply a clear coat of a spray preservative over painted pictures and lettering once the paint products have dried.

After the preservative dries sufficiently, stack all of the Russian nesting dolls within each other. Hand your child the largest doll and instruct them to open it. Inside they will find another doll that represents another one of their relatives. Allow your child to examine and play with all of the creations that you have made for them.


30 November 2021

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