3 Ways To Use Polished Shungite Pieces

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As you shop for natural shungite crystal online, you will come across either polished or all-natural shungite. The all-natural shungite features natural breaks and edges right in the stones. A polished piece of shungite features smooth surfaces and rounded edges. With polished stones, you can still enjoy the shungite benefits while you find some uses for the pieces. 

Polished shungite crystals come in a variety of sizes and can serve multiple purposes. Learn about those purposes and ways to effectively use the polished stones.

1. Stress Relief

Take advantage of the shungite properties with a polished stone that can provide stress relief. Simply place a stone in your hand and rub the stone around. The natural movements will offer soothing properties and can help naturally reduce your stress. Polished stones also provide you with ways to offer gentle massages.

The weight of shungite can apply to certain pressure points when placed around the body. The smooth edges of a polished stone will not cut into your skin or cause any major issues. You can make the stones a regular part of your routine to provide stress relief and relaxation.

2. Stone Gardens

The deep black colors found in shungite stones can create striking visuals when displayed in your home. Use the stones to create a stone garden. You can create a stone garden display with a number of different methods. For example, you could purchase a white sand base that you place the stones into. The contrast in colors will help the stones stand out.

You could also purchase a glass display piece to place the stones in. Also, consider the use of a planter. With a planter, you can lay out the stones in a specific order and mix them around with a plant of your choosing.

3. Travel Stones

If you want to embrace the healing properties of shungite stones, then consider small polished stones ideal for travel. Once you purchase a bag of polished shungite, you can spread the pieces around to various travel accessories. For example, you could put stones in a purse, handbag, or luggage.

If you own any vehicles, you can place some stones in a console and see them each time you go to drive the car. You have many options to choose from and can purchase a bulk amount of stones to cover all those needs.

Shop online to see the polished stone options you have available. The stones you select can make a difference in how you display various pieces.

Contact a local service provider to learn more about natural shungite crystals.


18 April 2023

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